Easy Winter Salad with Apple & Cranberries (Gluten Free)

This salad is easy quick and delicious. It the perfect quick go-to salad when you crave something delicious, but want it to be fast and easy. You only need five ingredients to make this salad, and it is ready in maximum 10 minutes.

I love making simple and delicious salads. It’s incredible how easy and quick you can make the most delicious and satisfying salad in maximum 10 minutes. Good food really doesn’t have to be complicated, time-consuming or include lots of different ingredients. This winter salad is ready in maximum 10 minutes and only requires five ingredients. And it still tastes amazing and has a lot of different flavors and textures. You have a base of crispy fresh salad, sweet yet a bit tart dried cranberries, creamy and savory feta cheese, fresh and crispy winter apples and warm buttery pecan nuts. I don’t even feel that this salad needs a dressing! But if you would like to top it something you could drizzle some honey/agave or thick balsamic vinegar.

Ingredients for this Easy Winter Sallad with Apple & Cranberries:

  • Mixed green leafs
  • Romaine lettuce
  • Apple
  • Feta cheese
  • Dried cranberries
  • Pecan nuts

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Easy Winter Sallad with Apple & Cranberries (Gluten Free)

This is a delicous and easy salad recipe that only requires five ingredients
Course Healthy Salad, Salad, Side Salad
Cuisine All around
Keyword Easy, Gluten-Free, Healthy, Quick
Prep Time 5 minutes
Cook Time 5 minutes
Servings 2


  • 50 g Mixed green leafs
  • 4 leafs Romaine lettuce cut into smaller pieces
  • 1 medium Apple thinly sliced
  • 1/2 package Feta cheese crumbled
  • 3-4 tbsp Dried cranberries
  • 2 tbsp Pecan nuts roughly chopped


  • Preheat a nonstick pan over medium/high heat.
  • Add the roughly chopped pecan nuts to the pan and fry until they start to get golden brown and warm.
  • Meanwhile arrange the green leafs and cut romaine lettuce in two bowls.
  • Add cranberries, sliced apple, crumbled feta cheese and the roasted pecan nuts.
  • Serve immediately while the pecan nuts still are warm.

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