My name is Alexandra, Im 34 years old living in Stockholm Sweden.

Foodfuelness with Alexandra Schlesinger

The idea of Foodfuelness started after years of struggling with IBS and severe stomach pains. It took me several years to learn how my body works, how to eat to stay healthy and avoid stomach pains and how to handle stress. For me it’s a trinity of taking care of my body, mind & soul.

When I started this journey I thought that this ment eating boring flavorless food. I thought that I had to give up a lot of the things I loved eating and doing. Then I started experimenting with what I can and can’t eat, it was a long journey with a lot of frustration. But today I’ve come so far in getting to know my body and what works and what doesn’t work for me.

The aim with Foodfuelness is to share healthy, easy and delicious recipes that should be suitable for most people – No matter what allergies, diets or intolerance you have.

I also want to show that eating healthy isn’t boring or hard!